3 Things We Learned from Steve Kerr, and Tiger Woods’ Story

As a kid, one of my favorite players was Steve Kerr. I was a HUGE Bulls fan growing up, and while most were big fans of Micheal Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman (and rightly so); I loved rooting for Steve Kerr. While he wasn’t the biggest guy, or the most talented guy on the floor; his tenacity, and three point shot helped the Bulls seal the deal in the final moments of their championship runs. So, to here the recent developments of Steve Kerr having to not be with his team during the playoffs, I know for him, is devastating, and for his team, and the fans of Golden State, as well. He will no doubt, at some point, be considered a hall of famer; but him, and Tiger Woods can both teach us a valuable lesson…

Tiger Woods four years ago was considered the best golfer in the world. He couldn’t be stopped, and some compared him to the likes of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Ben Hogan. After a string of unfortunate events, and a few injuries; he, too, like Steve Kerr has found himself with a dilemma that many people in America today find themselves in a similar hole, and simply cannot get out of. Upon hearing the news, time and time again, about elite athletes, such as themselves, placed on the sidelines due to a series of back injuries that have left them out of commission.



I realized that they have a story to tell, and it is one all of us can learn from; here are the three things we can learn from their stories:

  1. Surgery, should always be the last resort – “I can tell you, if you’re listening out there, if you have a back problem, stay away from surgery,” this was said by Steve Kerr, when addressing the media disclosing that he would be away from his team during their playoff run. You see, I don’t believe that he is saying that surgery is always a bad idea; I believe what he is saying is to always try something less invasive, first, before resulting to a more invasive, permanent solution, such as a surgery. Explore other options first, and then make surgery a last resort.
  2. Without a healthy spine, and nervous system, our passions become lost – I guarantee if you were to ask Tiger Woods, right now, what is the number one thing you wish for, it would not be money, it would not be fame, and it would not be a better caddy; it would be for his back to be healthy. We never really truly understand how important our spine, and nervous system is until we no longer have a healthy one anymore. Many of us, including me, take for granted what exactly those two units provide for us on a daily basis. Without it, people like Steve Kerr, and Tiger Woods cannot do the things they love to do anymore, and we are no different. Take a second today, to fully understand, what a healthy spine and nervous system allow YOU to do today, and be thankful!
  3. Be proactive; not re-active, in regards to your health – I can’t help but wonder, if we fully understand in our society; that our health is our greatest asset. You don’t wait until your car check engine light comes on to get your oil changed, and we don’t wait until our teeth begin to decay, until we decide to go to a dentist. That just wouldn’t make sense, but I don’t think we fully understand that most of us do just that, when it comes to our health. We wait until we have pain, and symptoms, that hinder our ability to do something (like play golf, or coach basketball, for example) until we seek care for it. That would be like waiting until your car engine begins smoking, and shuts down, before going to the mechanic. Being pro-active is so much more beneficial, as well as, cost effective in so many scenarios. The bigger problem, however, is that once symptoms become bad enough; the only option we are given is some sort of medication, or surgery, and we often times end up in the same boat as Tiger, and Steve. The root cause was never fixed, and we are still looking for answers. There is nothing more frustrating.

The moral of the story is sometimes, elite athletes, can teach us much more than just about the particular sport they play. Because of the stage they are on, they often can teach us subtle things that can help make sure someone in our younger generation can continue to play the game they love, without an injury killing their dream. At the Specific Chiropractic Center, we stand for empowering our communities to make smart choices relative to their health,and well being. If you would like more information, on how we can better serve you and your health, give us a call at 501-420-2815.


-Dr. Grant