Finding a Chiropractor | Checklist for Finding the Right Chiropractor

Like most any profession, or career field, there is always a couple bad apples in the bunch that can tend to spoil the whole bushel..

There are sub par accountants, lawyers, doctors, financial advisors, dentists, and the list goes on…

Not ALL Chiropractors are the same! 

But just because you may, or may not, have had a bad experience, or heard bad things from someone else’s experience or vantage point, doesn’t make the entire profession or occupational field ALL bad.

In today’s society, so many generalizations, and stereotypes are made from ONE bad experience; Chiropractic is certainly no exception. Don’t let one bad experience, deter you from the greatness that is within every profession. In school, were you ever told one particular course, or test would be extremely difficult, only to find out upon taking it, that it wasn’t really difficult at all? We all have are only unique perceptions, and experiences, and those of others, or even ourselves sometimes can deter us!

So, in light of that, I created a checklist of questions that you can use to help you navigate, and help make you make a smart choice as it relates to Chiropractic, and help you decipher what is actually Chiropractic, and what is not. In fact, this list of questions you literally could call the provider and directly ask to see if it will be a good Chiropractic fit for you or not!

Finding a chiropractor

Finding a Chiropractor | The Complete Checklist 

  1. Does your analysis include the use of x-ray? – Could you imagine, your dentist doing work on your teeth, without utilizing x-ray? Chiropractic is no different. We like to be able to see the bones, and their structure, and the alignment of the structures we will be working with!
  2. Does your EVERYDAY analysis of patients utilize some sort of nervous system indicator, like Computerized Infrared Thermography, SEMG, or other? – If not, how can your Dr. say with confidence that you indeed NEED an adjustment, or that you were ACTUALLY adjusted? Or most importantly, when you do not need an adjustment, because you are in proper alignment, and have proper nervous system integrity?
  3. Is your primary focus on the nerve system, or the bones of my spine? – Your nervous system is what heals your body, the bony skeleton is just what protects that system. The emphasis MUST be on the nerve system!
  4. Do you adjust your patients, every visit? – Getting adjusted every visit is like getting a cavity filled every time you go to the dentist. There should be a day if you are practicing good hygiene that you should not need a cavity filled, and all is well! Chiropractic is no different, we should be working to the day you do NOT NEED an adjustment, and the problem is corrected LONG TERM!

I hope this list of questions, helps you find the right fit near you! If you would like further elaboration, or clarity on the necessity of these questions, feel free to schedule a 10 minute complimentary phone consultation with me here,

Dr. Grant,, (501)-420-2815