How Could Upper Cervical Care Help My Migraines?

I know what you’re thinking…

You’re probably thinking the same thing most of the patients we see for migraines we’re thinking upon investigating Upper Cervical Care as a possible long-term holistic, natural solution.

“Mine are unique, different, and more severe..” or “If none of the medications, procedures, or therapies I have tried up to this point have worked, how could this possibly?” or the worst thought of all… “I guess I will just have to learn to live with these..”

While you are most doctors worst nightmare, I need you to understand you are our ideal client.

And while yes, all headaches, and migraine cases are different, we find that they all have one CAUSE in common.


How Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractors Can Help

What we as upper cervical specific chiropractors see on a daily basis are patients that present with debilitating migraines that have had them suffering and searching for answers for years, and years… And have an underlying brainstem, and nervous system problem and they didn’t even know it.  This has gone undetected because very, very few healthcare providers test for it.

After running computerized infrared imaging of the nervous system, and performing the necessary x-rays; we are able to locate a malposition of the (C1) atlas vertebrae (the topmost bone in the spinal column in the upper neck, and head) that is placing abnormal pressure on the brain stem, and nerve system that is also hindering proper blood flow to and from the brain, and inhibits proper cerebrospinal fluid drainage to, and from the brain, and spinal column..  

And it has been underlying, and undetected this whole time.

This will NOT be detected by an MRI, CT, routine blood work, or another chiropractor “feeling your neck”.

This is something we are highly specialized to detect, in certain candidates, and allows for an extremely high success rate (over 80%) in alleviating recurring headaches, and migraine symptoms, once identified, and removed.

If migraines are hindering your ability to be a daughter, mother, grandmother, friend, co-worker, or obstructing your life in a dramatic way, and you have found zero success utilizing traditional methods of healthcare.

Schedule a complimentary consultation now by clicking here, or by calling our office at 501-420-2815!

Imagine for a brief second, what your life without migraines would look like… It could be more easily attainable than you think, and we help people just like YOU all the time.


Yours in health,

Dr. Grant Dennis