Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me This Existed?

This is THE #1 most common thing that I hear from my patients once they learn about upper cervical specific care in our office at The Specific Chiropractic Centers, and see a “miracle” when it comes to their health.

Just recently, we were able to help an 8-year-old girl, named Courtney. Courtney and her parents had been to every Children’s Hospital, between Dallas, TX, and Little Rock, AR, searching for answers to what could be causing Courtney’s stomach pain, and headaches.

After all kinds of testing including blood work, urinalysis, swallow tests, literally every test imaginable was run on Ms. Courtney, only to find all testing was “inconclusive”, or “normal;” they were beginning to feel very frustrated, and hopeless.

This, unfortunately, but fortunately, at the same time is where most folks, like Courtney, and her family, are willing to try anything and find themselves in our office at The Specific. We run the testing that NOBODY else runs. We run what’s called CIT (computerized Infrared Thermography), which looks at the function of the central, and autonomic nervous systems. You see, this is the master system, that houses mission control at the level of the brainstem, and the upper two bones of the neck that control most, if not all, of the functions in the entire body including digestion, and blood flow to the brain, and muscles of the head and neck. We found that Ms. Courtney’s system was malfunctioning and that there was a problem with that system, and we immediately began getting the necessary data to give Courtney her life back.

After several adjustments, over a series of months of checking her nerve system, and only adjusting, when intervention was necessary; Courtney has begun to experience life without these ailments that had been plaguing her. This allowed her to miss fewer days of school, take less Gas-X, and eat Menchies frozen yogurt (which is her favorite).

After watching this “miracle unfold before her eyes, Courtney’s mom said to me, “Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me This Existed?” To which I responded, “I wish I knew..”Chiropractic

The point of this blog is to INFORM you that there is hope and a holistic, and natural solution for most common health ailments that DO NOT have to be treated with medications or surgery. It’s called Upper Cervical Specific Care, and we see things like this on a daily basis, and now YOU KNOW. I stand for a world where one day everyone is not left in the dark about the possibilities they could achieve in their health through Upper Cervical Care.

So like a famous rapper once said, “If you don’t know.. Now you know!”


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