Why is our Tagline: Get Hope. Get Well. Life?

Hopeless. There is nothing more frustrating, disempowering, energy draining, and truly awful, than finding yourself at a loss of hope.

At The Specific Chiropractic Centers, in our 17 offices around the U.S., we have identified a common theme, or storyline that most people who work with us and achieve results seem to all present with similarly.


Declined Health

At some point in their life, they started to experience a decline in their health. Usually, something that goes like this, Mary, 53 years old, over the last year or so has noticed that she started to get more frequent, mild, daily headaches. She started taking some simple OTC medications like Tylenol, Ibuprofen, or the like, and they would alleviate the headaches. Then, over the last 6 months, she has noticed that the headaches have become more severe, and those same OTC’s don’t seem to be working as effectively as they once did, if at all. Now, suddenly over the last 3 months, she has noticed that these headaches have progressed to migraines, more severe, keeping her in bed for days at a time, inhibiting her work-life balance, and altering her life so much that she has been seen by a neurologist, who has prescribed some more potent migraine medications that seem to help her migraines tremendously.

But… there is a problem. A side effect of this medication is weight gain and fatigue. So, while she has seen a drastic decrease in her migraines, Mary has stopped working out due to more noticeable fatigue, and she has begun to gain 10 to 15 pounds over the last 2 to 3 months or so. Which brings us to TODAY.

Mary has realized that while the medications for her migraines are helping, they are slapping on other side effects that she didn’t previously have before that has left her VERY frustrated, and HOPELESS.

Chiropractic Center


How The Specific Chiropractic Center Can Help

At The Specific Chiropractic Centers, we stand for helping the people of our communities, just like Mary, make smart choices relative to their health, and well-being. One of those choices being to allow us to partner with people in helping them get hope for overcoming their health condition, get well from their current set back, and live life the way they envision it, and dream of.

If you are Mary. We exist to serve you, and there is hope for overcoming complex, and frustrating health set back that occur in our lives, and that hope exists at The Specific. Look up the nearest Specific Chiropractic Center near you; the only question you will be asking after discovering your health transformation is, “Why did nobody tell me about this place sooner?”

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