Yes, Little Rock, YOU Are Worth It!

One of my fellow health care providers here in Little Rock, AJ McMahan, with McMahan Counseling has a tagline within his counseling practice that I really resonate with, “Because YOU are worth it!”

I LOVE that tagline so much because it epitomizes every reason that I decided to bring the very first TRUE Upper Cervical Specific Clinic experience to Little Rock three years ago. 

Little Rock

Growing up in the Little Rock area, I never had the opportunity to have access to a purely 100% Upper Cervical type of Chiropractic experience. In fact, there is only four (that I know of) in the entire state of Arkansas that practice exclusively Upper Cervical Care.

As I began to think about the reasons that over four years ago now, I had such a deep-rooted passion for bringing this type of care to the people of Little Rock, these four things came to my mind:


1. No Access:

Like I previously stated, there was no access or opportunity for the people of Little Rock to receive an exclusive Upper Cervical Care experience. After seeing some of the cases, I have seen within our clinic over the last three years, I couldn’t imagine where their lives would be without its existence, and that is a HUGE “Why” for me!

2. Chronic Disease is at a HIGH:

There is one point I always like to make that I have yet to find anyone that disagrees with, and that is that Arkansas is at an all-time high when it comes to chronic disease. There is no shortage of sick people that are highly medicated and misinformed when it comes to their options in alleviating disease and regaining health. Upper Cervical Care in our office is aimed at helping the sickest of the sick, and suffering without the use of drugs, or surgery, but untapping the healing potential that resides in us all..

3. Centrally Located:

Complete honesty, and transparency here. My vision is actually to create access to Upper Cervical Care for every single man, woman, and child in the state of Arkansas if they so choose. So, Little Rock being central, and the capital city seemed like a good place to start!

4. Home:

Arkansas, more specifically Hot Springs, and Little Rock are home to me, after spending over four years in the concrete jungle of Dallas, TX getting a doctorate I learned to appreciate Arkansas, and the people that make it up. Sort of like Lebron James wanted to bring a championship home to his hometown of Cleveland, and it’s people; I, too, have that same passion for bringing a championship back to Little Rock. Now, not a championship like your accustomed too. A championship defeat over disease that is rampantly destroying our economy, our families, our marriages, our communities, and our schools. Not anymore, not on our watch at The Specific! Because the people of Arkansas, I am here to tell you it wasn’t easy, but YOU are worth it!

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