In chapter two of my Amazon bestselling book, A Life Without Migraines, I talk about an opinion that I have based on taking care of thousands of migraine stuffers over the years.

That opinion is this: triggers are 100% a myth. You see, if triggers actually were real, triggers would be the same amongst all migraine suffers.

Here’s what I’ve found. Mary might have triggers with chocolate. Judy might have triggers with wine. Sally might have triggers with all the above. And the next place you might have triggers from lights, sounds, you might even get visual disturbances.

But what I’ve noticed is that all of these triggers are different in every single person.

So it got me thinking: I actually don’t think triggers are real. I actually think our brains are designed to come up with something we can identify to be causing our migraine headaches.

You see, when you’ve suffered for so long from chronic migraines, you must have an answer. Your body doesn’t take “no” as an answer.

But here’s what I have found, is if there’s an underlying root cause at the level of the upper two bones in the neck that’s causing a disruption to the brainstem and it’s unbeknownst to you and it’s removed, the triggers in most people disappear. That means triggers are 100% a myth.

If you want to try to get down to the root cause of what could be causing your migraine headaches while also taking in potential triggers at the same time, give me a call. I’ve set aside time to speak specifically with you about your particular experiences and how I may be able to help you out with your migraines.