When I was in my second year of practice, a woman named Lisa came out to me and told me that had she not found out about the specific type of care that we provide in our office, she in fact would not be alive today.

That’s how much she had really benefited from getting help for her migraines.  That was such a powerful story.

Hearing about Lisa’s life-changing experience was really the inspiration for me to write the book “A Life without Migraines.”  It’s an Amazon bestselling book aimed at helping people just like Lisa – and maybe like you or someone you know, if they suffer from severe and/or chronic migraines.

I’m, Dr. Grant Dennis with The Specific Chiropractic Centers of Little Rock, and I want to specifically thank you, Lisa, for inspiring me to write a book that’s going to help transform the lives of mothers and women and daughters and sisters, and every other woman out there.