I’m Dr. Grant Dennis, author of the Amazon bestselling book, A Life Without Migraines.

You see, I’ve dedicated my life to taking care of every migraine sufferer I can possibly get my hands on in the state of Arkansas. Now, what do I mean by that I can possibly get my hands on?

As an upper cervical-specific chiropractor, I get to do the greatest job – now,I know I’m biased – in the entire world. I get to actually help migraine sufferers eliminate migraine headaches from their life, truly, by only using my hands without the use of drugs or surgery.

Now, in The Specific Chiropractic Centers, we locate something very unique. We locate a misalignment in the upper bone in the neck, which is causing three main things: a central nervous system problem, a blood flow disruption problem, and a cerebral spinal fluid problem.

These are all things we can check for to see if someone’s a candidate for this type of care.

I’ve opened up some time in my schedule specifically for you if this is something you would like to explore, and I invite you to schedule your time on my site to come in and tell me your story about migraines so that I potentially could see if this is something that we can help you with here in the clinic.

It wouldn’t be fair to say you’ve tried everything until you’ve given upper cervical specific care a try, or at least explored that avenue to see if you’re a candidate.