Dr. Grant Dennis – Specializing in Healthcare vs. Sickcare
Health. Wellness. Sickness. Disease. All of these aforementioned words, are some of the most misunderstood words in today’s society, in my opinion, as a healthcare provider in the United States. As Eric Church would say, Health is Mr. Misunderstood. You see, the world has tricked you into believing that health, and wellness are something other than what they really are. Doc, what the heck are you talking about? Let me explain.

Let’s use an example, if you and I go to Chipotle (I know hot button topic), and we consume a rice bowl with all the fixings on it, and we contract E. coli bacteria (not that that would ever happen) as we eat our meal, unbeknown to you or I, and we go our separate ways. Right when you get home, you start to have a horrible fever, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, and joint pain, and stiffness; you pick up the phone and give me a call, and say, “Hey doc, I got super sick after eating lunch with you today, are you sick?” And I say back to you, “No, I didn’t get sick, I’m sorry to hear that, that really sucks!” My question for you is: Who is the healthy one?

You see, I would make the argument that you are the healthy one because your body had the ability to recognize a harmful invader in your body (E. coli), and your body is healthy enough to do what it has to do to kill off the bacteria, while mine didn’t have the ability to identify the bacteria in my body, and set me up to be a feeding ground for E. coli in my body. The point is, symptoms more often times than not, are a sign of the body making some sort of change for the better within your body. In this case, the symptoms you are experiencing is your bodies way of getting rid of, and killing the harmful invader to your body. It’s a defense mechanism that innately occurs within your body without you ever thinking about it (it just happens); unless there is a problem with your bodies ability to regulate your own internal body environment, and this innate mechanism, which by the way is SUPER common, I find with my chronically sick patients.

The healthcare model up to this point has tricked you into thinking that health = no symptoms, and there couldn’t be anything more far from the truth. Believe me, this is a beautifully carried out plan by billion dollar pharmaceutical companies. They want you to think that health comes from a pill, potion, or lotion, that gets rid of your symptoms, thus making you healthy. Sound familiar? Don’t get me wrong, we NEED good pharmaceuticals for dire situations, but it shouldn’t be the automatic for everything. This is why I choose to specialize in helping my patients utilizing a healthcare model, not a sickcare model. The way healthcare works in our current time is if I get a symptom, I go to the doctor, and he/she gives me a prescription medication that eliminates my symptom, and boom, I’m now “healthy”. Folks, this is a sickcare model, and if you’ll look around at how unhealthy, and sick our world is getting, you’ll realize IT’S NOT WORKING. These companies are making BILLIONS of dollars, at the expense of people’s health. Just listen to a pharmaceutical commercial now, you know what I’m talking about, it says what X pill helps with, but then spends five minutes talking about all of the other things it could possibly cause. How could that possibly be healthy?

At the Specific Chiropractic Center, we believe health means something totally different. Health, to us, is your bodies ability to have 100% communication between the brain, and body to allow for optimal healing, optimal expression, and optimal function at ALL times, NOT just merely the presence or absence of symptoms. An efficient, strong, powerful, fast nervous system, with a full tank of gas, and an intact power source without interference. THAT is, what allows for health, healing, and well-being come from, investing in your own bodies ability to heal and regulate itself. If this is something that resonates with you, we would love to show you what our model looks like, and has done for people in our community. We offer complimentary 15 minute consultations to identify whether or not you are a candidate for our care, in helping relieve your chronic health issues. Not every one should be adjusted, but EVERYONE should be checked.

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