How do we use this device to help people with migraines?


You see, one of the things we know according to research is that migraines are actually a central nervous system dysfunction problem.

So this device actually measures central nervous system function — much like an EKG measures heart function and an EEG measures brain function. We know migraines come from the central nervous system, and, more specifically, the brainstem and the upper part of the neck.

That’s why this little tool is so perfect for helping with migraines.  We can run this device up the spine, and it will help us detect whether or not this problem is originating from the central nervous system.

When we know whether or not the problem is originating form the central nervous system, then that is ultimately going to let us know whether someone’s a candidate for upper cervical care in our offices at The Specific.

I’m Dr. Grant Dennis with The Specific Chiropractic Centers in Little Rock, and this is exactly how we help people crush their migraines.  If you struggle with migraines and you’re interested in seeing if you’d be potential candidate for upper cervical care in our offices, just schedule a consultation.