When I was an undergraduate, I went to Henderson State University. I was actually on the collegiate baseball team as a scholarship athlete.

In my second year as an athlete, I started developing migraine headaches so severely, they were inhibiting my ability to function to the point that I couldn’t study. I couldn’t go through practice, and I certainly couldn’t sit through class.

My migraines were something that was getting became such a problem in my life. Like most migraine sufferers, it’s been inhibiting my ability to do the things that I love.

Upper cervical-specific chiropractic care, which is what I’ve dedicated my life to actually performing with my patients in my office, has been instrumental in helping me get my migraine headaches under control.

It inspired me so much that I actually wrote a book. It’s called A Life Without Migraines. It talks about some of the patients, some of the practices, and some of the things that can make you a candidate for this type of care, which if found, can actually remove your migraine headaches altogether.

If you would like a copy of this book, I want to get you a free copy of this.

All you have to do is click the link on my site to get your free copy of this Amazon bestselling book that I wrote inspired by all the migraine sufferers out there that have been everywhere and tried everything to no avail and with no hope.