When I was 14, this gentleman at my deer camp fainted right in front of me.

He was completely unconscious.  He laid there, completely motionless, for what seemed to be like hours on end.
It was actually it was only a few minutes, but it felt like so much longer.

After those few moments, I actually placed my hands on him.  This action was what allowed him to wake up and regain his consciousness.

I believe that from that day forward, I was destined to help people through healthcare.  I knew it right then.

During my time as a chiropractor, I’ve worked with a lot of severe migraine sufferers. A lot of these people have been put on the sidelines when it comes to their life.  They’ve been put on the sidelines in the game of life and in the game of health, and I help those people regain their lives back every single day.

I’m Dr. Grant Dennis from The Specific Chiropractic Centers in Little Rock, and i want to help you regain your life back, too.  If you’re interested in seeing what we can do for you, just book a consultation on our site.