Most people I talk to when we talk about chiropractic, think about the bones.

They think about the ligaments, they think about stick and stuck joints, pushing bones back into their proper place.

What happens when it comes to chiropractic is a lot like this building.

Your body operates a lot like this building.

There’s a processor outside or a generator.

It generates a lot of power.

It sends all that power into the fuse box.

The fuse box decides where exactly does all this power goes?

What rooms does it go to?

How much power goes to which room?

If we were to walk into this building and this room was out of power, but these rooms in here had power, where would you go to fix the problem?

The fuse box, right?

It would make no sense to come in here and change the light bulb in this particular room because this room out here has light to it.

What we do is we go to the fuse box, flip the fuse back on, restore the power to this particular area.

Problem solved.

See, in the body, the fuse box is the upper cervical spine.

That’s actually where the power is restored and controlled; it’s the master control center for your nervous system.

Yes, we must look at the bones, we look at the alignment of the bones, but more importantly, at the area where the fuse box is, which is the brain stem, to make sure that all the fuses are running on all cylinders to all rooms, all parts of the body, which is what controls adequate healing into the body.