The Role the Nerve System Plays in Your Health
As a chiropractor, my main emphasis is not on bones. Don’t get me wrong; the bones are important, but when it comes to getting people dealing with long standing and recurring sickness and pain RESULTS when nothing else is working: what is happening INSIDE of the bones is where the magic happens.

Listen, I need for you to understand a very key concept that might blow your mind. There are trillions, and trillions of cells that make up you as a human being. Within each of these trillions of cells, there are hundreds of reactions occurring every second that determine how efficiently your body runs, and carries out processes that are VITAL to keeping your body at a state of ease, and at your best. This must be being controlled by something. The major control center that is constantly making sure all of these cells are kept in order, and in sync, with every other cell in your body, and receiving all of the things it needs to carry out each of these cells particular function (liver, pancreas, stomach, thyroid, etc.) is the brain. The brain is what establishes order in your body.

The brain is constantly receiving and relaying messages to these cells in your body, not some of the time, ALL THE TIME via the nerves, and central nervous system. As you sleep, your brain and nervous system are still working, it never takes time off. If it did, it wouldn’t be a good result for you, or me. So, in reality, the most important system to you as a human being is your nervous system, and the efficiency of it at all times of the day. What most people don’t know; however, is that, you can actually stay alive without a brain, but you CANNOT live without a brainstem. This is why people can have a major trauma to the brain, and be in a coma, but be alive because a ventilator can breathe for you. Your brain is like a generator. It creates a tremendous amount of energy, but without a way of modulating how much energy goes where, you would constantly have power surges to areas of your body that don’t need them, or not get enough energy to areas that need more much like what happens when lightning hits a generator box, and causes a power surge, or you have a power outage.

Your body operates in the same way, but your brainstem is the fusebox to your entire nervous system. It modulates and relays information coming from, and going to the brain, just like a fuse box does. So when someone comes into my office suffering from MS, or Fibromyalgia, or migraines, or even neck pain. I treat it in the same way an electrician would treat a power surge, or power outage, by going and checking the fuse box. Listen, you may consider yourself a healthy person, but how much better could you be if your dimmer switch was turned all the way up? Why would you not want that extra bit of oomphh that could be the difference in hitting a goal this year, or earning a promotion, or a raise. But, more importantly, if you are someone that has tried everything to relieve one of the aforementioned conditions, and have found no resolve, and this resonates with you. I would be honored to see if you are a candidate for my clinic. If you have a nerve system problem that we identify; your life could look a lot different after 4 – 6 months of conservative nerve system management with us. Don’t wait any longer. We have a place just for you. I believe that everyone deserves to experience everything they want in this life, without health being a barrier. You are no different.

Yours in health, Dr. Grant