Upper Cervical Specific Care and Parkinson’s Disease: A Case Study
I came across a gentleman a couple of weeks ago, whom I have known for years (I might add); we hadn’t crossed paths in quite some time, and I could tell something was HEAVY on his mind. After a couple minutes of small talk, he proceeded to tell me that he had been recently diagnosed with a condition. Parkinson’s Disease.

I told him that upper cervical care could possibly help give him a better quality of life, and had been shown to help with the effects and symptoms associated with Parkinson’s Disease with qualified candidates. Baffled, he said, “I had no idea that was even an option for me, upper cervical care can help with Parkinson’s?” I couldn’t help but think how many other people just don’t know; what they don’t know. So, I came across this research article documenting a case study that showed a positive outcome for a 66 year old patient diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, and I thought I would share it! Feel free to give it a read, and pass it along to anyone you might know affected by Parkinson’s Disease.

Bello, Robert DC, Symptomatic Improvement of a Patient with Parkinson’s disease subsequent to Upper Cervical Chiropractic care: A Case Study


I’ve had the pleasure of working with a couple of patients with Parkinson’s Disease in my clinical practice, and believe me, if you have ever known someone battling this disease, then you know; it affects their life in so many ways! Maintaining the ability to feed themselves, put the water glass to their lips, and walk around Disney World with their grandkids; most of us take things like this for granted, but if you live with Parkinson’s these are breakthroughs.

Keep a look out for those with Parkinson’s Disease, and give them the best gift you could ever give someone: Hope.

Yours in health,

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