Chapter three in my Amazon bestselling book, A Life Without Migraines, talks about finding the root cause as it’s relating to your migraine headaches.

One of the things I’ve seen as I’ve taken care of thousands of migraine sufferers over the years, is that oftentimes they’re undergoing treatments or interventions that don’t identify the root cause – but simply just mask the symptoms. Ultimately, what that usually does, is add on even more side effects, which lead to new symptoms.

So yes, our head pain symptoms are gone, but maybe we’re starting to gain weight. Maybe we’re starting to feel fatigued and maybe we’re not sleeping as well.

At The Specific Chiropractic Center, we stand for a world where people are able to find the root cause of what’s causing the migraine headaches, because if we can get to the root cause then ultimately we can eliminate the underlying problem.

What I’ve found is that thousands of migraine sufferers are walking around and have a problem with their central nervous system and their brainstem because of a misalignment in the upper two bones of their neck that was caused potentially by past traumas in their life, whether it be emotional, physical, or actually mental.

If you’re one of those that’s undergone trauma and have not had your upper two bones in your neck evaluated – and more importantly, the central nervous system evaluated – then I invite you to explore this option. I discuss this in my bestselling book, A Life Without Migraines.