When you talk about the complexity of the upper cervical spine, why would a chiropractor ever just take a look or assess or even adjust, when it’s necessary, the upper two bones in the neck exclusively. What about the rest of the bones?

When it comes to these two bones in your spine, they are very intricate, very complex.

These are the only two bones in your entire spine that don’t have a disc, and these bones move three and a half millimeters, especially when we talk about the atlas, the uppermost bone in the neck, the most important bone in the neck, one of the only
two bones in the entire spine that has their name.

It only moves three and a half millimeters to each side normally, that’s during a normal motion.

When you talk about feeling bones, for anyone to claim to feel three and a half millimeters of motion, I would put that into question, which is why we use the digital X-ray unit.

By using laser line precision digital X-rays of the neck in motion, we’re able to assess proper motion even at a minute amount of three and a half millimeters to make sure that when we give corrections, they’re safe, appropriate, but most importantly, specific.