When I See Patients It’s My Job To Check That They Don’t Just Feel Stuck

What I want to do is I want to measure what’s going on inside of their nervous system to be able to determine if they need an adjustment and, most importantly, if they don’t.

To do this we use something called computerized infrared thermography.

What I do is I use a special tool to scan their neck, and it will give me a graph.

And that graph will be able to tell me exactly what’s going on, like I said, within the nervous system, and much like an EEG looks at brain function or an EKG looks at heart function, this tells us the central nervous system function.

If the system is functioning normally, we don’t touch it.

The beast is asleep?

Don’t wake it up.

If something is going on in the nervous system, then what we do is we go ahead and correct that with a very specific correction to the upper cervical spine to allow proper alignment within the body and help restore neurological function.

I’m Dr. Cameron Daniels with The Specific Chiropractic Centers.