You Might Be A Good Fit for the Specific, If….
Believe it, or not; not everybody is an ideal fit for upper cervical specific care. In fact, a majority of people are not. Much like a large majority of folks cannot, and will not shop at Lululemon; not because they don’t like Chip Wilson (although that very well may be the case), but more likely, because they are not a good “fit” for wearing their product. And guess what, that is okay. Some prefer to shop at Kroger, some prefer Walmart, and some prefer Target; people are not wrong for choosing where they shop, they shop where is the BEST FIT for them, and their beliefs, convenience, feelings, and emotions. And that is okay too.

Upper cervical specific care is MUCH different than general chiropractic care. Different in the objective (result or outcome), the philosophy (why the practitioner is doing what he/she is doing), and the ideal patient (who the practitioner gets the best results with/for). This is not saying that one is bad, and the other is good; or one is better than the other. It simply means that some are going to be a better fit for a general chiropractor, and some are going to be a better fit for an upper cervical specific chiropractor. So, the question becomes who are good fits for the Specific, and upper cervical specific care? You might be a good fit for the Specific if…….

  1. You have been experiencing ______ for longer than 6 months to a year – Let’s take migraines, for example, if you have had migraines for longer than that time period, and you have tried 2, 3, or even 6 things, and over that period of time, you still have migraines; you COULD be a fit for getting results via upper cervical specific care. It just means something is wrong in the body (probably inadequate healing or restoration), and a symptom is present telling us this.
  2. You have tried general chiropractic or physical therapy to no avail – This is a big one. Just because you did not get results in a general chiropractic office, or a physical therapist’s office doesn’t mean it doesn’t work; it just means you weren’t a good fit for general chiropractic, or physical therapy, and they weren’t a good fit for you. It would be just like you going to Lowe’s Home Improvement, in search of a car; you can’t get mad at Lowe’s, and say they suck because they can’t bring you satisfaction in getting you a car. They don’t specialize in that, so they can’t get you the desired outcome no matter what! Sounds counterintuitive, but it is the SAME thing.
  3. Your only option is medication or surgery – If you have been given medication, or surgery, as the only options for resolving your condition, and the idea of that permanent change in your life does not sound appealing; you could be a great fit for UC specific care. If trying a lesser invasive method to relieve, say high blood pressure, COPD, or migraines, is what you are looking for; we see this in our offices around the world all the time.
  4. You find yourself saying, “I have tried anything,” or “I am WILLING to try anything to get rid of my ___.” – Simple process of elimination can be a very powerful, and eye-opening thing if you will recognize it. If you have tried acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, conventional medicine, dietary changes, exercise, yoga, Pilates, and more, and you still have high blood pressure, would it make sense that the only possible thing it COULD BE is a problem with your upper cervical spine (that house the brainstem), and your nervous system? It is the only area left unchecked, and through process of elimination could be the answer for your problem.
  5. You have lost ALL hope – Our motto at the Specific Chiropractic Center is in giving people hope, getting them well, and letting them live life with no limitations. If you, or someone you know has lost hope; there is a place where you are an ideal fit! Honestly, there is someone who has dedicated their entire life and career to giving you hope. In fact, if you have not lost hope, and are not coming into our office solely based on faith that this has to be the answer for you; you are NOT a good fit for us!

If this is you, and you would like more information on seeing if upper cervical specific care is a good fit for you, simply go to, and sign up for a complimentary consultation, and check out some of our success stories.

Yours in health,

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